Our History

Our family first visited this property late in the afternoon on a beautiful mid-April day in 2018. There was a haze of green beginning throughout the woods and bluebells blanketed the ground. We learned that this lush 23-acre hidden gem had been owned by the Kernel family for 92 years. By June the property we now know as Evergreen became a member of our family.

Our goal was to create a space for people to gather for special occasions while maintaining the integrity, history, and serenity of the land. An existing open green space became the perfect home for the Conservatory allowing us to keep all the surrounding trees and foliage, and offering a panoramic view of our lovely, peaceful lake.

We hope to share this beautiful, green space with as many of you as possible and to keep it in our family for years to come.

The Conservatory at Evergreen Features…

  • 4,320 square feet inside a glass structure
  • Covered pergola overlooking a 4-acre lake
  • Ample Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Bars
  • Coat Check
  • Six custom vineyard guest tables
  • Tables and chairs for 250 guests